Drive M&A integration value faster.

Jumpstart your M&A integration with the best-in-class resources.

M&A Integration dashboard

M&A integration is hard.

Mergeflo makes it easy to collaborate, communicate and manage tasks. That is why our waitlist is growing!



M&A software functions and the IMO love to use.

Mergeflo allows you to run your integration with transparency and insights empowering the functions to do their best work.

m&a dashboard curated

Dashboards curated with insights that DRIVE value realization

Our dashboards provide real-time updates on your M&A integration progress. Use our standard dashboard or customize your view to focus on what matters to you.

We want to minimize your time updating status reports to focus on driving results.

Manage cross-functional dependencies like a PRO

M&A dependency management is now automated, establishing an order in which activities need to be performed and easy visuals to showcase linkage between functions.

We want to improve efficiency and enhance your team's collaboration.

m&a dashboard cross functional dependency
m&a integration dashboard metrics

EXPEDITE resolution of obstacles impacting M&A integration success

Know what's blocking your M&A integration in an instant and directly map it to the associated task.

We want to accelerate your ability to address hurdles impacting your M&A integration progress.

Pre-built starter playbooks to JUMPSTART planning

Our optional starter playbooks provide a foundation for you to build your customized integration approach and workplan. We've incorporated typical integration activities along with sample tools and templates.

We want to minimize your headache of building from scratch.

m&a dashboard finance playbook

A bottoms-up approach to M&A integrations.

Built with collaboration and ease of use in mind.

Check our manifesto -> 

Concise Playbooks

Tapping into the top integration talent in the world, we have playbooks that get to what matters most in integrations.

Built-in Reports

Get a bird's eye view of what is happening in the integration without making it yourself. Spend time on what matters to you most.


Your integration team should function as a team. Mergeflo allows the integration team to gain context and communicate seamlessly.


Have Mergeflo integrate with the tools in your solutions suite. We boast robust integrations in and out of the platform to make work easy.

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