M&A Integration is a team sport. Play it like one!

Everything you need for M&A integration is in one place.

Work-stream, task collaboration Real-time dashboard • Lightweight and easy to use • Instant onboarding • One-click reports • Notifications • Dependency Tracking • and more!

M&A Integration dashboard

M&A software that saves time.

Mergeflo meets the IMO and the workstreams where they are by delivering transparency and insights while making it easy to adopt.

Collaborate on tasks. Manage work-streams in one place

m&a integration risk dependency

Always be in the know about task progress and upcoming deadlines with fully automated notifications sent directly to your inbox.

Respond to up-to-date information on the integration progress from all of your teammates.

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Super easy to start and build

Tool adoption is hard. Simply copy and paste your information to Mergeflo and draw insights from your plan in minutes.

Accelerate getting the important work done by easily bringing in workplan items from spreadsheets into Mergeflo.

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free m&a integration playbook software

Cut hours each week reporting out

m&a integration risk

Ditch the manual work in creating report-outs and get on-the-spot reports from your workstreams. Access historical views of the integration progress along with your commentary.

Spend time on things that matter and cut out the administrative work.

Speed up your meeting prep

With a rich widget library, gain instant visibility over conflicts, bottlenecks and status updates across all of your workstreams.

Put everybody on the same page and eliminate excessive time spent on reporting out.

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m&a software

A bottoms-up approach to M&A integrations.

Built with collaboration and ease of use in mind.

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