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Simplify the integration process and streamline your team's efforts with a single, user-friendly platform.Say goodbye to the chaos of post-merger integration and hello to a smooth transition.

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Revolutionize your M&A integration with Mergeflo, the only software designed specifically for M&A professionals and functional teams. Our user-friendly platform simplifies and streamlines your integration efforts, so you can say goodbye to the chaos of post-merger integration and hello to a seamless transition.

Mergeflo eliminates the daily grind of M&A Integration

Complete post-merger integration on time as you planned, easier than ever
Merger integration cross functional dependency
Mergeflo automates risk issue decision tracking in merger integration
Mergeflo m and a integration dashboard
merger integration playbook in Mergeflo

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Built for everyone who works on M&A Integration

Collaboration is the key. That’s why Mergeflo has stuff to offer to whole spectrum that works in M&A.
What is Integration management office lead?
IMO Lead
Transition both companies seamlessly
Plan and maintain your work plans and template in the free playbook management module. Set up timelines, allocate resources, and define tasks and milestones for each integration stage. Identify potential risks and issues, assess their impact, set mitigation, and monitor resolution in real time. Stay current with activities through real-time dashboards, and stop wasting time chasing information.
tegration consultant
M&A Integration Consultant
Maximize value creation for your clients
Stay ready for your next assignment, maintain your intellectual property in playbook management, and deploy new clients' deal space with an instant click. Offer your clients your integration know-how embedded through software, and remain competitive against big consulting companies. Put your hours back into advising clients; stop developing and maintaining spreadsheets to run the integration.
merger integration functional work stream
Functional Team Member
Get the integration work done while on your full-time job
Work closely with other integration members,  share documents, communicate in real-time, and collaborate on tasks. Get instant notifications on pending actions, and delegate dependencies to different workstreams with a click so your work items can progress to completion. Avoid status update emails and back-and-forth communication since every team member remains current with Mergeflo's real-time dashboards.
M&A executive, corporate development executives
Realize Synergies and Deal Objectives
Stay always up to date about the integration progress, through real-time insights delivered through the executive dashboard. Get notified on issues awaiting your decision and never miss your deadline on critical decisions.

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